I’m often asked, “What makes Weiss Internet better? How does it work?”

Weiss Internet’s network is something called “fixed terrestrial wireless.” In short, although our signal is delivered to you wirelessly, it originates from somewhere land-based. To better explain, it’s easiest to begin by telling you how we are different from other providers out there.

Not Your Old Phone Company

Weiss Internet has a network of towers and access poles, fed by multiple fiber circuits. We skip the antiquated underground and aerial wires that have long been overloaded. Instead, we connect you to the internet using the latest wireless technology. By eliminating the need for wires, we are not hampered by the restrictions that other carriers face. Instead, we can deliver faster, more reliable speeds to both urban and rural areas that previously had no other options.

Wireless, But NOT Satellite

Our wireless setup may look similar to satellite, but our connection is vastly different! Satellite providers are connecting to satellites in the atmosphere, a setup that is peppered with drawbacks. To begin, their services are usually limited. Even though many are beginning to advertise as “unlimited,” fine print normally discloses that while access is technically unlimited, service will be throttled after a certain amount of usage – an amount that expends faster than you think! So, while their advertised “unlimited” services may sound appealing on the surface, it’s merely clever marketing. Additionally, communication to a satellite takes time, so no matter how fast your speed, there will always be a delay in the time it takes to send/receive signal from a satellite connection. Think of it as a conversation where the person you are speaking with always takes long pauses before replying.

So how are we different? Having towers on the ground means that our service points are close – This eliminates any long pauses, or latency, when surfing. Additionally, Weiss Internet’s service is TRULY UNLIMITED! We do not throttle our customers, and there will never be any extra charges for how much data you use.

A Step Above

While I’ve mentioned some of the technical differences of our service from others, I’d also like to introduce a few more aspects that set Weiss Internet apart from the competition.

We take great strides to protect the health of our network. We maintain and regularly upgrade our equipment as well as utilize more than one fiber circuit to feed our towers, ensuring a robust and redundant connection at all times.

Additionally, we endeavor to provide the best customer service experience. This is our goal whether the inquiry is for new service, billing, or repair. Whatever the circumstance, we are here to help, and we want to treat you in a way that shows you we care – because we do! We are your neighbors, and we are fellow customers.

We want the best, and we want it for you too.


  • Hello,
    I am interested in you wireless internet service. and would like to know if my address is in range of your service. I live at 8360 County Road 15 Gaylesville, AL. 35973. its a single family home.

    • Hi Eddie!

      It never occurred to me to check responses to my blog. (I have no idea why – So sorry about that!) It’s very possible we may be able to reach you! If you’re still interested, give our office a call at 256-706-4121, and we’ll discuss packages with you and set up an appointment.

      Weiss Internet

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