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List of Questions

We have many assets that set us above the competition! Our service is backed by redundant fiber circuits, providing an unmatched level of reliability in our area. Additionally, our network is built with the latest technology and managed in a way to provide our customers with the best internet experience possible. We serve our customers wirelessly, bypassing all the old wires in the ground or on poles. Being wireless also allows us to reach areas that have previously never had access to high-speed internet. This means more speed in more places! We are locally owned and operated. We care about the service we are providing to our customers, and we love seeing you when you stop by! We also strive to provide the best customer service and support. We make every effort to protect your connection at its root, and should you ever have a problem, we have friendly, local staff to accommodate your need. We are passionate about what we do, and when you join the Weiss Internet family, I am confident that you will reap the benefits of that dedication!
No. Our service is land-based, provided from towers with dedicated, fiber circuits. We deliver the service to our customers wirelessly. This unique setup allows us the opportunity to bypass old, wired technology and provide our customers with faster, more reliable internet. We are also able to reach areas where high-speed internet has never been available before.
No. Weiss Internet’s service is truly unlimited. We do not track the amount of data you use or throttle your speed after you’ve reached a certain limit.
Yes! At Weiss Internet, we pride ourselves in managing our network responsibly. While all packages are based on best efforts, speed is almost always consistent with your package plan. Best speed tests are achieved when plugged directly into the LAN port of our power cord, however, speed tests can also be done wirelessly. Make sure nothing else is using the internet while you test so that you get the most accurate results possible. Also, we have our own speed test website that is ad free! You can visit our speed test site here.
Our packages are flat rates, so there are no surprises. Your bill will never fluctuate due to usage. A 10% late fee is assessed on bills that are 14 days past their due date.
Yes. Our technicians will need access to the inside of your home, so a responsible adult must be present.
Our technician will first locate somewhere outside your home where signal is best achieved. He will mount an outdoor antenna, usually a small dish, to receive signal. Then, he will run a single wire inside to a wireless router that we provide as a courtesy to get you started. Traditionally, a hole will need to be drilled for wire to be run inside, so if you are renting, please check with your landlord for any restrictions.
No. The installation fee is only for services rendered to install the internet. It is non-refundable, and you are not purchasing any equipment in this cost.