We’ve Been Busy!  

Although we’ve kept quiet lately, we have been diligently working behind the scenes.  We are in the home stretch of finishing up towers that will be serving the largest parts of Centre, Leesburg, and Cedar Bluff.  Tower climbers have been installing equipment, and we are days from launch!  Below is a little information on what you can expect next.

First Things First! 

Once our towers and equipment go live, we will begin calling those who have signed up to schedule installation appointments.  When we call, we will also verify your information and fill in any blanks we may have.

This will also be the time we officially order the speed you would like for your service.  We have several options to choose from, so be thinking about how you use the internet and which package best suits your needs.  If you have questions or need assistance choosing a service, we’d be happy to help!  Our services do not have contracts, and you can always change your package at a later date.


On the day of your installation, our technician will come out to verify signal.  Once signal has been confirmed, we will install a small antenna outside your home and run cable to a wireless router inside. That’s it!

We will need inside, so please be sure that an adult is present for the duration of the install.

Installation is $150 and due on the day of install. Payment can be made by cash, credit, or check, and our technician will provide you with a receipt. Your first bill will be due exactly one month following the day of install.

Outside the Existing Coverage Area?

While building out new areas doesn’t happen over night, please know that it is in the works!  We are always expanding. We welcome your calls and/or contact form submissions if you would like to be included once we begin working on the area. Signing up also allows us to see where our areas of greatest need exist.

Thank you!

We hope this information has helped answer some of your questions.  Thank you for choosing to be a part of Weiss Internet!

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