Optional Monthly Services

Static IP

$7 / month

  • Ideal for cameras, VoIP, and gaming.
  • This is a monthly service.
  • No Set-up Charge

Maintenance Plan

$10 / month

  • Protection from unexpected circumstances.
  • This is a monthly service.
  • No Set-up Charge

Router and WiFi Options



  • Ideal for small-average sized homes
  • Easy to self-install
  • No monthly charge



  • For average-larger homes
  • Easy to self-install
  • No monthly charge

WiFi Extension


  • A wireless solution for larger homes
  • Professionally installed
  • No montly charge

UniFi System

Starting at $600

Our UniFi System is a sleek, professional solution for WiFi extension. It is recommended for large homes, and it is ideal for businesses, as it is a wired, customizable system.

UniFi is unique in that it allows your network to grow and is tailored to suit your specific needs. Indoor and outdoor access points can be added, and your WiFi connection transitions seamlessly from one access point to another.

Since these are custom systems, a site survey is required to quote set-up. However, the starting price of $600 includes 2 wired, indoor access points. Additional access points can be added as needed for $200 each.

A $10 monthly service fee is required to maintain updates and manage the system.
  • Site survey required
  • Wired, customizable, and professionally installed
  • $10/month Management

Technician Services

Service Call

$75 / hour

  • Minimum 1 hour
  • Billed in hour intervals
  • Material not included

Wire Run

$150 / Starting Price

  • $150 initial run, Over 300 ft + $100
  • Additional runs + $75/each run under 300 ft
  • If trench required, + $100 per run

Utility Pole Installation

$600 / Installation
Pole Cost Not Included

  • Utility pole installation includes local pick-up of pole, delivery, and installation.
  • Customer is responsible for having underground utilities located.